The Mummy Demastered – A typical Metroidvania game

I was advised to check out The Mummy Demastered when I asked about good games to get for the Nintendo Switch. However when I found that this game was also released on all the other platforms I chose to buy it for Xbox One, since I then can accumulate achievements as well and also handle screenshots much easier.

The Mummy Demastered is right up my alley, a classic Metroidvania style game! It’s a 2D platforming game with the kind of map layout originating from Metroid and Castlevania games like Symphony of the Night where you have to backtrack to discover the entire map after gaining new abilities. It really carries that eerie Castlevania feeling as well, with graveyards, Zombies, Bats, mysterious laboratories, underground tunnels etc.

The games is based on the movie The Mummy, and you play as the Prodigium soldiers fighting princess Ahmanet. When you die your powerups that you have collected are dropped at the site where you perished, and a new soldier will have to go collect them. Your past soldier has however turned into a zombie or mummy (or something walking dead anyway XD) and you’ll have to kill him to get it all back, this is a clever idea 🙂

One thing that really ticked me off though was the unnecessary grinding >_< The ammo power ups you find create a spot which replenishes your ammo fully, however the save spots do not replenish your health!?! This is so stupid because then instead you have to waste time exiting and entering the room just to shoot boxes until you’ve manually refilled your health stash. Such a waste of time! It’s not something that makes the game harder, just more tedious! Also, if your ammo is full on all weapons you still get lots of random ammo drops from the crates and stuff instead of health drops! This makes health farming even more annoying :/ Just look at this screenshot below: shotgun ammo, a small health drop, shotgun ammo and even more shotgun ammo >_<

Tedious health grinding - The Mummy Demastered

Apart from this I’m really enjoying the game though 🙂 If you’re into Metroridvania style games I’d strongly recommend to check it out!

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