Sci-Fi World in Malmö 2017

Today we visited Sci-Fi World in Malmö. The Sci-Fi World convention is celebrating it’s 20th anniversary this year! 😀 As usual the convention was filled with nerdy things that we enjoy 😀 Every year they have a few celebs there that you can meet and get autographs from. This year they had Michael Shanks, Billy Boyd, Kim Coates, Lance Henriksen, Jeremy Bulloch, Hannah Spearritt and Andrew L. Potts. We didn’t take any photos with them, instead we found a life-size replica of Jabba the Hutt in the basement that we got our picture taken with XD

The thing we most enjoy at these types of conventions are all the amazing cosplayers that you get to see 🙂 This time we didn’t stay the whole day, so I think we missed quite a few of all the awesome people running around at Sci-Fi World, but here are the ones we managed to capture 😀

As usual there’s loads of merchandise being sold at the convention 🙂 You can find anything from caps and T-shirts to plushies, action figures, replicas, art, crafts, books, comics, movies etc. Here’s a selection of stuff from Sci-Fi World 2017 🙂 Becki bought the awesome AT/AT lamp 😀 I just bought a bunch of games XD

There were definitely more video games for sale than usually. Especially retro games. Everything from Atari and NES to the latest Playstation and even Nintendo Switch! (which was released yesterday). There were also Mini Nintendo Classics for sale, apparently some company that had hoarded them at launch and were now selling them at twice the retail price >_<

Sci-Fi World 2017 was great 🙂 Next we’re looking forward to Retrospelsmässan, a retro gaming convention in Gothenburg, that is finally coming back this year! 😀 Hope to see you there on April 29th! 😀 I’ll end this with a picture of a LoL hat that Becki received for free *happy happy joy*

Becki's new hat - Sci-Fi World

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